A man died. This not an uncommon occurence, especially in a hospital. Our role is not only curative, but an attempt to give people a comfortable and contented passing on their own terms. However, the circumstances of the day are different. This man’s family were not able to visit him in his final days, to sit by his bed and hold is hand, or be there as he took his final breath. They were faced with a terrible choice; to risk exposure, potentially leading to more bereavements in the family, or to remeber him as he lived, and share their last moments together by phone. He became 1 of the over 1000 people who lost their lives due to COVID-19 that day.

I wrote the above during the middle of January, at the point where we weren’t clear whether or not mortality had peaked. Sat here, some weeks on, all I can do is to exclaim at the sheer relief I feel that numbers continue to decline, and at the rampant success of the vaccination efforts. Although every death brings sadness, the R number remains below 1.0, and the number who have passed today stands at 95.