The data is out there, it just so happens it’s spread about everywhere and very difficult to find. I’ll try and keep this list of useful resources.

WHO Data Repository

Lots of metrics by country, mostly health related but also some development indicies. Downloadable in csv, excel, html, json, and xml. There is also an API.

HSCIC Indicators

Collection of indicators on health and social care. Mostly just England. Downloadable in csv and excel formats.

National General Practice Profiles

Data and demographics on CCGs and practices in England. Online interactive visualisation and downloads in excel format.


Reference documentation for various NHS related things. Not human readable. Requires accepting licenses and download formats vary by package.

United Nations Population Division

Demographic indicators, many of which stretch back to 1950.

World Development Indicators

Data from the World Bank, some dating back to 1960. Availiable as a bulk download in csv and excel formats.

Open Prescribing

Interactive portal to GP prescribing data. There is also a very handy REST API.